E-commerce Affiliate Relationships

You’ll find buttons and text links to Amazon and other reputable online retailers throughout much of our product-focused content. If you click on one of these affiliate links and then make a purchase from the retailer, our parent company, ILIE, will receive a small commission. This revenue allows us to stay in business and allows our writers to continue publishing news, reviews, how-tos, and analysis to the highest editorial standards.

The presence of affiliate links has no bearing on the editorial direction of our product coverage. We are committed to conducting honest product reviews, and the presence of an affiliate link should not be interpreted as a product endorsement.

Indeed, we make every effort to include affiliate links in all product reviews, regardless of whether the product received a poor, average, or exceptional rating. If you don’t see a link in a product review, it’s because we couldn’t find an online retailer selling the product at the time of publication, or the review was published prior to JANAURY 2021. (the month and year when we began our affiliate program in earnest).

Amazon is currently our primary affiliate partner. Amazon is frequently our first choice for online shopping due to its competitive pricing, extensive inventory, and Prime membership benefits. Having said that, we also use affiliate links for Apple, Best Buy, E-BAY, and other well-known online retailers. The selection of one affiliate source over another should not be interpreted as an editorial endorsement, and we cannot guarantee that the link we’ve selected represents the best current price for the product.

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