How to make a free online Chatbot?

free online chatbot to 2023

A chatbot, sometimes known as a chatterbot, is a software program designed to carry on an online chat conversation using text or text-to-speech rather than providing direct interaction with a real human agent.

Chatbots are computer programs that can communicate with users in natural language, understand their intents, and respond in line with stored data and regulations. 

Chatbot systems are typically subject to ongoing testing and tuning because many of them are currently in use and are unable to adequately converse; in 2012, none of them were able to pass the standard Turing test.

Chatbot systems are designed to convincingly simulate how a human would behave as a conversational partner. Michael Mauldin, the designer of the first Verbot, first used the term “Chatterbot” to refer to these conversational programs in 1994.

Have you ever considered automating a time-consuming task or procedure? If some actions were automatic, wouldn’t they be a lot simpler? We consider activities like looking up the most recent promotion on a website or responding to frequently asked queries.

Customer service, request routing, and information gathering are just a few of the uses for chatbots in dialog systems. While some chatbot applications employ sophisticated AI, extensive word classification techniques, and NLP, others merely scan for broad keywords and produce responses using idioms taken from a related library or database.

Why do we manually provide the same response to the same question each time it is posed? There is no requirement to consistently respond to the same query.

It is not required to mechanically copy and paste the most recent promotion to every site visitor who might become a customer.

Indeed, a Botnation chatbot can carry out your request. You may be thinking right now that purchasing such a device is out of your price range.

Let me astonish you by introducing Botnation AI, a real-time artificial intelligence tool that helps you with client interactions. No coding experience or large budget are required. The best part is that you can use it without paying anything!

Botnation AI is the ideal chatbot creation platform.

Are you still one of the businesses or groups without a chatbot? What a loss! You’re passing up a tremendous opportunity! Since a few years ago, a Small and Medium Company (SME) or Very Small Enterprise (VSE) simply cannot exist without a chatbot connected to its website, WordPress blog, Facebook page, or even its WhatsApp profile.

Botnation AI chatbot 2023
Botnation AI- chatbot

The biggest French corporations have recognized this. So now is the moment for you to adopt a talking robot. Look not too far to find this! The best platform for building a free online chatbot that will actually benefit your company is Botnation.

Let’s speak a little bit more about what Botnation AI can accomplish for you and your online platforms before we get into the different pricing tiers (which include the free version). We are all aware of how important online messaging is to our daily lives.

Especially in terms of commerce. No matter how fantastic your services and goods are, you run the risk of stifling your business and the expansion of your company without effective communication and instant messaging that keeps your prospects and consumers engaged.

What functions may a chatbot perform? What can we anticipate from it?

To begin with, chatbots automatically automate, recreate, and reproduce conversations. There is no delay between responses. No matter what they are looking for, if customers have questions, your chatbot will be able to respond and point them in the proper direction.

Because they are artificial intelligences, they operate around-the-clock, every day of the week. The chatbots from Botnation are also adaptable and customizable.

The most prominent platforms and programs that support Botnation are listed below:

  • Facebook
  • Whatsapp
  • WordPress
  • All websites
  • Gmail
  • And much more!

It is simple to install and manage chatbots with Botnation, regardless of where and on which platform you use it.

This indicates that you have all the advantages of having a chatbot for free on your online accounts. What precisely are these advantages? The following is a partial list of things you can anticipate from a chatbot:

  • Intelligent virtual assistants automatically collect important information from a customer
  • A chatbot helps you filter the most frequently asked questions and respond instantly
  • A bot works 24/7, which means a quick response to your instant messages
  • It helps you cut costs by reducing the hours a human needs
  • A chatbot redirects customers and Internet users to the right sections or promotions
  • The integration of a chatbot is efficient and fast, there is no slow loading that would degrade the customer experience, and there is no need to wait for a human to be available
  • Your page or site becomes more interactive and engaging, with better customer service
  • Your customers get 24/7 support
  • You can put a chatbot on all popular platforms (see list above)

And don’t forget! It is completely free if you just want to test it. You don’t have to worry about your budget and spending money on a service you are not sure you will keep. Just try the free version of Botnation. Such a bot can allow you to answer your customers’ questions via a powerful automatic chat. The conversational bot will automatically respond to your customer’s messages, formulating an appropriate response message. The bot will then answer directly on the chat to your customer’s requests, step by step if necessary.

How and why should you use Botnation to create a free WordPress chatbot?

The business world is going digital. There is simply no denying the importance of the digital revolution that is occurring in many businesses. One of the finest methods to begin the process of your business going digital is with WordPress.

You can make your own custom chatbot with Botnation’s (to be deployed) Botnation.AI platform for no cost. To do this, the platform provides strong features that ensure a positive chatbot building experience.

Botnation is the tool that makes it easiest for you to setup and utilize your chatbot, since it is simple to use and is ergonomic. Such a chatbot is capable of many different things for your company.

In fact, building a WordPress website enables a business to increase its online presence. You may create a useful shop or e-commerce site using WordPress’s range of themes and plugins, including WooCommerce.

By building a chatbot that enhances the interactivity and appeal of your WordPress, PrestaShop, Shopify, or other website, Botnation aims to grow your business. As a result, you are more in touch with your clients and can converse with them instantly.

The chatbot is there to engage with the website visitor when, for instance, he requests information. In fact, it is a software that is able to replicate a human dialogue. Also, it helps to enhance client satisfaction and/or service quality.

It provides 24/7 virtual support with prompt responses to clients or potential clients. The chatbot enables your business to respond to client requests more quickly. You’re marketing and sales teams should use it to build a successful digital marketing plan. Presenting your many promotions and deals is also helpful.

How and why should you use Botnation to create a free Messenger chatbot?

The most popular social network is Facebook, which has more than 2 billion users globally. 2016 is a revolutionary year, not the least of which is the fact that businesses may now construct chatbots for their social media pages.

Naturally, Botnation has also benefited from this invention. The platform creates effective chatbots using machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). With Botnation, you can use the Facebook Messenger app to add a chatbot for free to your Facebook profile.

Botnation offers connectors that make it easier to connect the chatbot with other services, like a calendar for scheduling appointments automatically using a conversational agent. A chatbot attached to your Facebook profile allows you to connect with potential clients or consumers.

create a free chatbot Botnation
create a free chatbot

Around 28% of people on the planet have a Facebook profile. So, adding a chatbot to your business’ Facebook page will help you reach more people. The automated chat agent is a genuine sales tool that enhances client interactions and after-sales care in addition to generating revenue.

You understand as a corporate executive or leader that maintaining good customer relations is an important task that should not be overlooked. You must be able to control their emotions and fulfill their expectations. The chatbot is programmed for that and does only that, at any time and every day, unlike a human who can be easily overloaded. It is a useful tool for lightening the load on your company’s teams.

Why and how should you use Botnation to create a free chatbot for your website?

The free Botnation WordPress plugin makes sure you have a functional chatbot that can address the problems of website visitors.

Whatever the technology, a Botnation chatbot may be added to any website. He can create intelligent robots that you can teach the words and phrases they need to reply to using natural language processing (NLP).

Even better, Botnation has in-house Machine Learning algorithms that can handle mistakes, accents, recurrent plurals, negative phrases, etc. right away. The chatbot is crucial for any brand that wants to improve its marketing and sales in today’s highly linked society.

Your business’s online showroom is essentially its website. You’ll see that today’s consumption patterns have significantly changed. Before making a purchase, the majority of consumers frequently browse a business’ website.

Often, this is the time when the choice to buy is made. So, you must have a user-friendly, appealing website that can quickly persuade visitors. The shop will be even more effective if a chatbot is added.

A Botnation-based conversational agent can eventually be utilized to compile data for your customer database. Having such critical information kept in a bot implies being able to effortlessly predict your clients’ desires. You require it if you want to remain competitive in a cutthroat market.

How and why should you use Botnation to build a free WhatsApp chatbot?

Botnation is an abbreviation meaning adaptability, versatility, and flexibility. You can also connect a chatbot to WhatsApp, specifically WhatsApp Business App and WhatsApp Business API.

True, WhatsApp business versions are geared toward brands and their customers. Creating a free WhatsApp chatbot for your business allows you to engage with clients and prospects more effectively. It aids in the optimization of customer service. A customer, for example, can track and know the status of an order in real time.

create a free chatbot AllFree1

The success of the customer experience is critical since the company’s reputation is at stake. Similarly, the WhatsApp chatbot can aid in the conversion of visitors into leads. This would almost certainly increase your sales.

The conversational device personalizes the consumer journey by using information offered by Internet users, allowing you to be more responsive to them and build a better content marketing strategy.

Botnation prioritizes configuring and building up AI learning reactions and triggers. The platform carefully considers your preferences. It assists you in developing a chatbot that is consistent with your company’s brand image.

KPIs analysis, deep AI learning, and integrated automated tasks let you construct a successful chatbot. Emails are always useful, but they cannot replace live interaction through a chatbot.

You’ve never been so close to the visitors of your various social platforms as you are with Botnation.

Prices for chatbots and subscriptions

To give you a sneak peek and allow you to test it out, Botnation provides a free version of its chatbots. You don’t have to be proficient in programming or coding. The platform is ergonomic and simple to use.

As you want to configure and optimize your chatbots, the logic is simple to follow. When we claim the service is free, we really mean it’s free. There is no trial period, and when you’re done, your credit card is promptly charged.

You can design and test chatbots for as long as you like with the free version, which is available indefinitely. The free version, however, prevents you from activating chatbots and beginning to work on them live on your medium. You can design and test chatbots using Botnation’s free tools to determine their efficacy.

For their AI-enabled chatbots, Botnation offers a variety of subscription plans, one of which is totally free and has no time restrictions.

Naturally, this stops you from taking use of the main perk of other subscriptions (like releasing your chatbot), but by this time, you will already be aware of the tool’s potential and understand why you are investing your money on it.

Moreover, there are no hidden costs or a short trial period, nor is a credit card required to be registered when registering. You can try and play around with Botnation for free if you want to. What are the benefits of purchasing a subscription, then? A list of the benefits and rewards available at each registration level is shown below:


registration level offers Subscription information
  • Free
  • Without commitment
  • Unlimited chatbot design
  • Unlimited chatbots tests
  • Disabled chatbots publishing on your Websites and Facebook pages
  • 9€/month
  • 100 users then 0.05€ / user
  • Without commitment
  • Unlimited publication of chatbots on your websites (hosting offered) and Facebook pages
  • 19€/month
  • 250 users then 0.05€ / user
  • Without commitment
  • Unlimited publication of chatbots on your websites (hosting offered) and Facebook pages
  • 49€/month
  • 1000 users then 0.05€ / user
  • Without commitment
  • Unlimited publication of chatbots on your websites (hosting offered) and Facebook pages
  • 199€/month
  • 5000 users then 0.05€ / user
  • Without commitment
  • Unlimited publication of chatbots on your websites (hosting offered) and Facebook pages
  • from 499€/month
  • Unlimited publication of chatbots on your websites (hosting offered) and Facebook pages
  • Premium services and support
  • Administrative invoice without CB
  • Premium Livechat (option)


What exactly are you waiting for? You’ve got nothing to lose. Join up for free, develop, and test chatbots! You will know whether you require a chatbot once you have appropriated the instrument.

Yet, don’t pass up the potential to develop and test artificial intelligence-powered chatbots that could help you gain new clients. Botnation AI can help you create chatbots right now.

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