The 12 Best Appointment Scheduling Apps

Appointment scheduling applications are one of the best ways to increase the time you give to your business – without actually giving extra time, says Keshav Krishnan, co-founder of Bespacemaster.
The 12 Best Appointment Scheduling Apps

When done alone, time management and business management are two of the most taxing responsibilities.Combining the two results in a loss of efficiency in both areas.Because communication is one of the most common ground where time and business collide, it cannot be managed flawlessly.

Meetings do not appear to become any more efficient as our lives become busier, from initial discussions about availability through back-and-forth email exchanges about postponing.As a result, appointment scheduling software is one of the finest methods to give your organization more time without actually giving more time.

According to BookedIn, 46 percent of customers plan their own appointments. All you have to do is allow them to do so.

The following are some of the top small business appointment scheduling apps that make it easy for you and your clients to book meetings.


The 12 Best Appointment Scheduling Apps is an online appointment scheduling program that interacts with your website, GoogleMy Business, and social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, making it ideal for small businesses and service firms.

Because a developing business has no limit on the number of clients it can have, this application is ideal for them because it has no restriction on the amount of client details that can be saved in the system.

An API, booth rental administration, call reminders, capacity management, contact database, and details about client history are only a few of the key features. also has a POS capability that allows you to receive payments.

Important Features

  • Management and the availability indicator
  • Organizing and tracking activities
  • Calendar synchronization, management, and reminders


  1. Free plan
  2. Basic plan ($ 8.25)
  3. Standard ($24.9)
  4. Premium ($49.9)

2. Calendar

The 12 Best Appointment Scheduling Apps

Calendar is one of the most adaptable scheduling applications for small business owners and employees.

Calendar is a well-thought scheduling tool with good UI design that enables scheduling, managing events, and tracking online locations easier for modern businesses. It is known for its capabilities in booking external appointments.

You can post your availability and receive reminders on your favorite platform with Zapier’s many integration options. For example, if you use Zapier to connect Calendar and Slack, you may choose to receive Slack notifications whenever a client sets a meeting with you.

It allows you to plan your meetings without having to go through the tedious process of exchanging emails and SMS about your availability.

Important Features

  • Customizable calendar link
  • White labeling and web embedding
  • Basic workspace is free.


  1. Basic plan (Free)
  2. Standard plan ($6)
  3. Pro plan ($8)


The 12 Best Appointment Scheduling Apps

Appointlet, in addition to having a catchy name, allows you to make appointments using your website, landing page, or email.

Appointlet is best suited for established enterprises in a variety of industries because it helps you to manage your team’s availability.

Members can not only change their availability slots, but they can also manage their breaks and last-minute appointments.

You can develop a booking page that you can share with your customers. You may also use Appointlet in several languages to make communicating with international clients easier.

It also lets you choose whether bookings are confirmed manually (by you) or automatically (by the system). Appointlet provides a bird’s eye view of all your forthcoming meetings and can be integrated with other apps.

Important Features

  • Management and availability indication
  • Processing of credit cards
  • Personalized branding
  • Reservations


  1. Essential plan (Free forever)
  2. Premium ($8)

4.HubSpot Meetings Tool

The 12 Best Appointment Scheduling Apps

HubSpot also has a meetings tool in addition to its marketing, sales, and CRM tools.

The HubSpot Meeting Tool allows you to synchronize your availability and meetings with Google Calendar and Microsoft Office 365, making it ideal for enterprises that operate within the HubSpot ecosystem.

It allows you to communicate your availability with clients, collect information by adding form fields to your appointment page, and arrange meetings using email addresses, websites, and landing pages, just like its competitors.

Nonetheless, the HubSpot Meeting Tool has certain unique features that set it apart from the competition.

Some of these features include the ability to book a meeting with one or more members of the team; an automatic customer record when a new contact begins a meeting; and the ability to schedule a meeting with one or more members of the team.

Important Features

  • Email confirmation
  • Meeting tracking integration with CRM.
  • Monitoring the success rate


Free for HubSpot products suite users


The 12 Best Appointment Scheduling Apps

Calendly is a great scheduling tool for solo professionals, freelancers, and business owners.

It gives you the option of expanding its use to your entire department, regardless of your company’s size.

Calendly has successfully served over 50,000 enterprises around the world with its flexible administrative tools and extensive range of integration options.

It not only allows you to specify your availability status and plan the meeting, but it also allows you to work your way through various types of invitations, meeting formats, and communication with meeting participants.

It sends out confirmation emails automatically, which you may personalize.

Important Features

  • Organizing and scheduling appointments
  • database management and client portal
  • Branding and themes that can be customized


  1. Basic plan (Free)
  2. Essentials plan ($8)
  3. Professional plan ($12)
  4. Teams plan ($16)


The 12 Best Appointment Scheduling Apps

Doodle isn’t your typical appointment booking app. It’s one of the lesser-known jewels.

It is a well-known platform with over 3 million monthly unique visitors.

Doodle makes it easy to organize group meetings based on the availability of each person who needs to attend. You can use a poll to determine whether or not the participants are available.

It’s an online service that doesn’t require any downloads or installations, so your staff may use it on their phone, tablet, or desktop as needed. It also supports Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, Microsoft Team, and Zoom integration.

Users of this scheduling program include freelancers, small enterprises, mid-size businesses, and large corporations.

important Features

  • Integration of a basic calendar
  • Form groups of three or more persons.
  • All timezones are covered


  1. Pro plan ($ 6.95)
  2. Team plan ($ 8.95)
  3. Enterprise plan (as per the needs and requirements of the company)


The 12 Best Appointment Scheduling Apps

Picktime is a scheduling application that works across multiple industries.

Medical, sports, education, entertainment, beauty, wellness, and a few other fields are included.

Picktime can also be accessible through the internet and across all platforms, including smartphones, tablets, and PCs, without having to be downloaded and installed on the devices you intend to use (as required).

Picktime’s flexibility and adaptability make scheduling a meeting easier. It integrates with a variety of services, including Zoom, Google, Microsoft, PayPal, Salesforce, Zoho, and others.

Calendar management, employee management, team management, invoice generation, payment processing, overviews, and reports are all included. Having these services on board assists small firms in operating more effectively and efficiently.

important Features

  • Dashboard for activity
  • Team leadership
  • Several sites
  • Accepts payments


  1. Free plan
  2. Starter plan ($ 9.99)
  3. Pro plan ($ 19.99)


The 12 Best Appointment Scheduling Apps

Appointy is a user-friendly and powerful scheduling tool.

Its users are diverse, including freelancers, small businesses, medium-sized firms, and huge corporations. Appointy is used by over 75,000 enterprises all around the world.

You can use this platform to integrate with social media networks and Google Calendar.

It allows customers to schedule appointments through the internet. It also has the ability to send automated SMS and email reminders. You can also accept online payments, create offers, and offer discounts with this feature.

It keeps a database of client data, such as appointment details, purchase history, and contacts, to assist you with subsequent reference regarding your business insight.

important Features

  • Integrated scheduling
  • Management of organizational hierarchy
  • Database construction and administration
  • Management of reporting and analytics


  1. Free plan
  2. Growth plan ($ 29.99)
  3. Professional plan ($ 59.99)
  4. Enterprise plan ($ 99.99)


The 12 Best Appointment Scheduling Apps

GenBook is an all-in-one online appointment scheduling service for activities that take place while you manage your business.

It is, nonetheless, highly recommended for freelancers and small businesses.

It allows you to plan, manage, and track meetings from your desktop, mobile device, or tablet, making it one of the most efficient appointment scheduling programs available.

It integrates with social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and TikTok, allowing you to add a ‘book’ button to your profile, allowing your clients to plan a meeting based on your daily schedule.

You can also include a ‘book’ button on your website.

It gives you a fully customisable booking page where your customers may schedule an appointment. GenBook also provides you with access to its dashboard, which displays your appointment history and assists you in tracking other business activities.

important Features

  • A payment processing system that is integrated.
  • Client administration.
  • Business knowledge
  • App for smartphones.


  1. Solo plan ($ 29)
  2. Team plan ($ 59)
  3. Company plan ($ 99)

10. ScheduleOnce

ScheduleOnce is a software that helps you run your business more efficiently, as the name suggests. It also allows you to engage with prospects and clients without having to take time out of your schedule to plan a meeting.

ScheduleOnce is a multipurpose program, however it’s best for freelancers, small business owners, and mid-sized business owners.

It allows you to install a scheduling plugin to your website, allowing all of your customers to make an appointment in seconds and in a seamless manner.

ScheduleOnce integrates with major calendars like Microsoft Calendar and Google Calendar, CRMs and web conferencing platforms like SalesForce and Zoom, and over 1000 additional programs to make remote working easier for you.

important Features

  • Creating scenarios for meetings.
  • Creating meeting guidelines.
  • Assignments in groups.
  • Customization and branding


  1. Starter plan (Free)
  2. Growth plan ($ 12)
  3. Enterprise plan (Custom pricing)


The 12 Best Appointment Scheduling Apps

Arrangr is a platform that allows you to arrange in-person and virtual meetings without having to go through the hassle of back-and-forth communication via phone conversations, emails, or text messages to find a convenient time and location.

Arrangr is primarily used by freelancers and small enterprises.

However, Arrangr’s deployment choices are limited to cloud, SaaS, and web-based, making it difficult to get things done quickly with it.

Zoom, Slack, Zapier, FreeChat, TypeForm, and HubSpot are among the systems with which it is integrated.

Arrangr integrates with Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, and Apple iCal. It also allows you to schedule groups of people and do so in real time.

important Features

  • Multi-location.
  • Scheduling of resources.
  • Scheduling software.


  1. Basic plan (Free)
  2. Arrangr Pro plan ($ 3.99)
  3. Arrangr Pro+ plan ($ 6.99)

12.Square Appointments

The 12 Best Appointment Scheduling Apps

Square Appointments is software that considers your calendar, customers, payments, and point of sale, allowing you to properly manage each section. Of course, your clients can book appointments online.

It, like its competitors, has a variety of deployment methods that allow it to be used on phones, tablets, and computers. Small businesses, medium-sized firms, and huge corporations are among the many users.

You can ask clients to prepay when booking, and you can even charge for cancellations because it manages your payments.

Following the completion of the appointment booking and approval, the client receives notification and reminders about the appointment, as well as a bird’s eye view of all planned meetings.

important Features

  • Client relationship management improves customer satisfaction.
  • Management of employees and company activities.
  • Inventory and retail management


  1. Free
  2. Plus plan ($ 29)
  3. Premium plan ($ 69)


As a growing small business owner, you need an appointment scheduling application that fits your business the best. These applications help you keep everyone in the loop, become efficient in your communication, and allow you time to focus on important tasks. The above-mentioned appointment scheduling applications do a lot more than allow clients to schedule meetings.

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